72 Degrees Club Membership



You get a 20% discount on service and repairs!

As a member of the “72 Degrees Club Membership” you get a whopping 20% discount (a preferred service rate) should you ever need us for any HVAC repair listed in our price guide.

We’ll Tune-up and Professionally Inspect your HVAC System!

Upon membership, (and once each year thereafterfor perpetual memberships) our experienced HVAC technician will give your HVAC system a complete 23 point Precision Tune-Up and inspection. This entire process will extend the life of your HVAC system plus decrease the risk of untimely breakdowns.

Our promise as 72 Degrees HVAC, when the temperature absolutely has to be just right…

When you join our club member, your home will be protected from the annoyance of becoming a hot or cold home, high or low humidity and unexpected heating or cooling problems. You go to the top of our service list and we won’t keep you waiting around. Another added bonus, if you move and are still within our market area, you can transfer your club membership to your new home or it can be transferred to the new owner.


If you are an existing 72 Degrees Club Member, and would like to schedule your inspection call 316-869-0199

Join the many customers that have signed up for our membership!!