We offer the best in IAQ (Indoor Air Quality) and there are three levels that we use to help better the air and protect your family.

Level 1: Controlled by Filtration –  

Allergens & Particulates (Dust & Pollen, Mold & Fungi Mildew, Tobacco Smoke, Wood Smoke, Vehicle Exhaust, Dust Mite Feces, Pet Allergens and Insect Debris), The Health Effects (Nose & Throat Irritation, Runny Nose, Congestion, Sneezing, Cough & Wheezing and Asthma Flares).

You can prevent this by switching your filters to these high efficiency ones & by changing them out on a regular basis.


Level 2: Controlled by UVC Light -

Infectious Agents (Bacterial Infections – Streptococcus, Pneumococcus, Legionella and Tuberculosis. Viral Infections – Influenza, RSV, Pneumonia, Cold Viruses and SARS), Health Effects (Sinusitis, Upper Respiratory, Infections, Throat & Ear Infections Bronchitis and Pneumonia).

We’ll come install this and then check on this for you at least every year.


Level 3: Controlled by UVV Light –

Toxic Compounds (Fornaldehyde, Carbon Monoxide, Methylene Chloride, Nitrogen Dioxide, Pesticides, Toluene & Benzene, Tobacco Smoke and Toxic Mold), Health Effects (Memory Lapse, Mild Depression, Lung Dysfunction, Blurred Vision, Headaches and Lethargy).

This we will also be happy to install for you & then come check on it every year ensuring that it is runnig properly.